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Welcome to the Undergraduate Program page for the Department of Optics and Photonics (DOP). Funded in 2006, nearly a quarter of a century after the establishment of the graduate institute known as Institute of Optical Sciences (IOS), the undergraduate program offered by DOP is dedicated to provide a solid optics and photonics through both core DOP courses and various electives, helping students find their specific technical interest(s) and tailor their studies toward that direction. Currently DOP’s undergraduate degree options include.

  • Bachelor of Science
  • Joint 5-Year B.S./M.S Degree Program

The Joint 5-Year B.S./M.S. Degree Program accepts applications from DOP’s undergraduate students who have clearly shown excellent performance in their undergraduate studies or strong potential in conducting research. Furthermore, students who enter these two programs may participate in the International Exchange Program.

The first B.S. degree and Joint B.S./M.S. degrees were granted in 2010 and 2011, respectively. With a firm grounding in the fundamentals of optical/photonics science and engineering, DOP undergraduate students are well prepared for advanced degrees or for working in high-tech corporate environment. As of 2012 academic year, an average of about 45% of DOP’s undergrad graduate continues to pursue their advanced degrees in our graduate program.

Examples of DOP research and what optics/photonics engineers/scientists may do on the job include, but not limited to

  • Developing technologies in just every possible aspect that make consumer electronics smaller, faster, and easier to use;
  • Building optical systems that manipulate light to form an image of source (imaging optics) or transfer light from a source to a target (non-imaging optics);
  • Creating technologies for the emerging green energy industry from solid state lighting to solar cells from the optical design and semiconductor physics perspectives;
  • Inventing advanced display technologies to change the way people see the world.
  • Producing imaging techniques that diagnose diseases or aging symptoms at an early stage.
  • Designing/fabricating/testing photonic devices used for optical communication industry;
  • Pushing the boundaries of optics/photonics knowledge for we human beings.

Recognized by most faculty members in the fields of optics/photonics in Taiwan, the undergraduate program in the Department constantly place in top 2 among all departments dedicated to optics/photonics education and research in the nation. To learn more about admissions, degree requirements, or other information, please visit:

  • Applications and Admissions
  • Financial Assistance
  • International Program
  • Contact DOP Staff Office

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