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International Graduate Program for Photonics at UST
International Graduate Program for Photonics at the University System of Taiwan – NCU Campus

In response to the current globally-competitive environment and the increasing demands in human capital in conducting cutting-edge research/technology development, the International Graduate Program for Photonics at the University System of Taiwan (UST) was initiated in Mar. 2011 and is scheduled to start in Aug. 2014. The introduction of outstanding international students who are determined to be successful in the advanced studies and research would bring not only the new lifeblood with different ingredients to the research but also different cultures to stimulate our students who have long been the only species in the classroom.

The International Graduate Program for Photonics at UST, NCU campus, is mainly operated by the Department of Optics and Photonics (DOP). The graduate program in DOP was funded in 1982, formally known as the Institute of Optical Sciences, and is the second oldest graduate institute dedicated in the education and research in optics. The undergraduate program in DOP was established in 2006 and continues to expand in recent years. It currently consists of 22 full-time faculty, 4 jointly appointed professors, and 8 administrative staff and research scientists.

There are 12 major technical interest groups in DOP, ranging from thin-film optics, optical communications, bioimaging, to nanophotonics. In addition, DOP is home to Thin-Film Technology Center and Solid-State Lighting Research Center and also a key player in Optical Science Center, a university-level research center at NCU.

Located in Kwoh-Ting Optics and Photonics Building that is home to more than 50 laboratories, DOP will continue to provide the best educational and research environment to its students.

Courses Lectured in English

Course lectured in English in this international graduate program at NCU campus are listed below

Course No. Course Title Instructor Credits Type
TBD Biomolecular Recognition Engineering and Its Applications in Biosensor Wen-Yih Chen 2 Elective
TBD Diffusion Optics Tomography Min-Chun Pan 3 Elective
OS7038 Optical Computing Chii-Chang Chen 3 Elective
OS6003 Fourier Optics Te-Yuan Chung 3 Required
OS6015 Geometrical Optics Chao-Wen Liang 3 Required
OS6057 Laser Physics Te-Yuan Chung 3 Elective
OS7097 Guided-Wave Optics Chao-Yi Tai 3 Elective
OS7104 Integrated Optics Yin-Jung Chang 3 Elective
OS7137 Introduction to Biomedical Imaging Yi-Chun Chen 3 Elective
TBD Physics of Optoelectronic Devices Yin-Jung Chang 3 Elective
OS7158 Introduction of organic electronics Jui-Fen Chang 3 Elective
OS7160 Physical Foundations of Semiconductor Optoelectronics Yin-Jung Chang 3 Elective
OS7162 Ultrafast Optics Chao-Yi Tai 3 Elective
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