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DOP Undergraduate Curriculum

The Department of Optics and Photonics offers a rigorous undergraduate curriculum covering the fundamentals of electronics, optics, and photonics. The design of this curriculum is intended to equip DOP's undergraduate students with a solid technical background in these areas for their future professional careers of their own interests.

DOP Required Undergraduate Courses
DOP Undergraduate Elective Offerings
Archived DOP Undergraduate Curricula (Academic-Year-Based)

DOP Required Undergraduate Courses
  Description Course Hours
First Year – Fall
MA1001 Calculus I 4
PH1001 General Physics I 3
PH1003 General Physics Laboratory I 1
CM1005 General Chemistry I 3
CM1008 General Chemistry Laboratory 1
OS1005 Introduction to Computer Science 2
OS1006 Introduction to Optics and Photonics I 1
First Year – Spring
MA1002 Calculus II 4
PH1002 General Physics II 3
PH1004 General Physics Laboratory II 1
CM1007 General Chemistry II 3
OS1007 Introduction to Optics and Photonics II 1
OS2007 Engineering Mathematics 3
Second Year - Fall
OS2003 Electromagnetism I 3
OS2005 Microelectronics I 3
OS2008 Engineering Mathematics II 3
OS2009 Circuit Theory 3
Second Year - Spring
OS2002 Optics I 3
OS2004 Electromagnetism II 3
OS2006 Microelectronics II 3
OS2010 Microelectronics Laboratory 1
Third Year - Fall
OS2001 Modern Physics 3
OS2011 Semiconductor Physics in Optoelectronics 3
OS3003 Optics II 3
LS1013 General Biology I 3
OS3011 Optics Laboratory 1
Third Year - Spring
OS3001 Optical Systems 3
OS3002 Introduction to Electro-Optical Engineering 3
OS3010 Photonics Laboratory 1
OS3015 Optics III 3

DOP Undergraduate Elective Offerings

Below is the table with DOP undergraduate electives that are in general offered each academic year. The actual elective class offerings are subject to change at the beginning of each semester. In addition to the electives listed below, once completing their required undergraduate courses, students are also encouraged to take graduate courses offered by the Department and they can be used as electives toward the B.S. degree.

  Description Course Hours
OS3005 Introduction to Lasers 3
OS3006 Optical Design 3
OS3008 Engineering Mathematics III 3
OS3013 Optical Simulation with ASAP I 3
CM1008 Optical Simulation with ASAP II 3
OS3014 Special Topic Research I 3
OS4004 Special Topic Research II 3

Archived DOP Undergraduate Curricula (Academic-Year-Based)

2012 Curriculum: PDF
2013 Curriculum: PDF
2014 Curriculum: PDF

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