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Common Mandatory Courses for All Undergraduate Majors
DOP Required Courses

The information on this page refers to the new 2012 academic year catalog.

Students who enrolled in DOP’s undergraduate program in year 2012 and after must complete the following coursework before submitting a petition to graduate.

Common Mandatory Courses for All Undergraduate Majors

  • General Education Curriculum (16 credits), including core compulsory and elective course. Students must take at least one course from each of the following three core curriculum areas - humanities, natural science, and social ideology and phenomenon.
  • Physical Education Curriculum (0 credit), a required course that must be taken for 3 academic years, including students’ freshman year and four elective courses for another four semesters.
  • Learning-by-Service Curriculum (0 credit), a required course for one academic year.

DOP Required Courses
Description Credits
First Year - Fall
MA1001 Calculus I 4
PH1001 General Physics I 3
PH1003 General Physics Laboratory I 1
CM1005 General Chemistry I 3
CM1008 General Chemistry Laboratory 1
OS1005 Introduction to Computer Science 2
OS1006 Introduction to Optics and Photonics I 1
First Year - Spring
MA1002 Calculus II 4
PH1002 General Physics II 3
PH1004 General Physics Laboratory II 1
CM1007 General Chemistry II 3
OS1007 Introduction to Optics and Photonics II 1
OS2007 Engineering Mathematics 3
Second Year - Fall
OS2003 Electromagnetism I 3
OS2005 Microelectronics I 3
OS2008 Engineering Mathematics II 3
OS2009 Circuit Theory 3
Second Year - Spring
OS2002 Optics I 3
OS2004 Electromagnetism II 3
OS2006 Microelectronics II 3
OS2010 Microelectronics Laboratory 1
Third Year - Fall
OS2001 Modern Physics 3
OS2011 Semiconductor Physics in Optoelectronics 3
OS3003 Optics II 3
LS1013 General Biology I 3
OS3011 Optics Laboratory 1
Third Year - Spring
OS3001 Optical Systems 3
OS3002 Introduction to Electro-Optical Engineering 3
OS3015 Optics III 3
OS3010 Photonics Laboratory 1

Students under earlier catalogs should contact the DOP Administrative Office for assistance.

Common Mandatory Courses for All Undergraduate Majors
  1. A grade of 60 or better is required in all required and elective DOP courses. A student who does not meet this requirement in one of these courses must repeat the course.
  2. Credit is not allowed for courses that substantially duplicate material from other completed courses.
  3. Degree credit for a repeated course will be given only once, but the grades assigned for both the first and second time a course is taken will appear on the student’s transcript.
  4. DOP requires a minimum of 128 credits to graduate.
  5. At least 12 credits in elective courses must be taken from departments in College of Sciences, College of Engineering, College of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, or College of Earth Sciences.
  6. DOP students are required to take CM1007 General Chemistry II in Spring semester of the 1st year and LS1013 General Biology in Fall semester of the 3rd year, respectively (failure in CM1007 and LS1013 is accepted but the credits for failed courses cannot be applied toward the degree).
  7. DOP freshman students must take “Freshman English” as the foreign language curriculum.
  8. DOP students must pass English proficiency test(s) on and/or off campus acknowledged by the Language Center at National Central University or pass a one-year elective course “Advanced English” (in which the credits earned from this course WILL NOT be listed in the total graduation credits) in order to graduate. For detailed tests acknowledged by the Language Center, guidelines of taking Advanced English courses, and qualification requirements, please refer to “Guidelines for Freshmen Foreign Language and Teaching Implementation at National Central University” and “Guidelines for English Proficiency Test and Advanced English Courses at National Central University”.
  9. DOP undergraduate students must pass the service-by-learning curriculum upon the “Implementation Procedures for Service by Learning Curriculum at National Central University” before their graduation.

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