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DOP is currently a leader or primary participant in 3 research centers, ranging from thin-film technology to solid-state lighting. The establishment of these entities offers opportunities for not only educational experiences for DOP’s students but also for corporate participations and collaborations.

Thin-Film Technology Center (TFTC)

Thin Film Technology Center (TFTC) has been devoting to optical thin-film research for over 20 years. Founded by Prof. Cheng-Chung Lee who is currently TFTC's director, TFTC develops the technologies for thin-film design, fabrication, measurement, analysis, and applications. The main research areas include thin-film filter theory and design, filters for optical communication, thin films for color applications, thin-film solar cells, nanostructured optical thin films, transparent conductive oxides, organic thin film, and optical monitoring technique.

     In recent years, the members of TFTC focus their attention to some innovative fields such as optical monitoring system and phase-shifting interferometry. Few advanced systems have thus been developed for the analysis of thin film, including:

  • Phase-shifting interferometer for the measurement of thermal expansion coefficient and residual stress of thin films;
  • Optical monitoring system based on the optical admittance theorem for precise fabrication of thin-film filters.

Currently, there are four faculty members, including Prof. C.-C. Lee, involved in the research/education within TFTC. Prof. Sheng-Hui Chen joined the TFTC in 2005 and since then has been leading the teams of Solar Cells and Nano-structured Thin Film. Prof. Chien-Cheng Kuo, joined in 2007, leads the team of Transparent Conductive Oxides and Coatings on Flexible Substrate. Prof. Jui-Fen Chang (joined in 2011) is currently leading the Organic Thin Film group.

Optical Sciences Center (OSC)

OSC is a university-level research center that was established in 1987 and is structured to provide comprehensive and friendly infrastructure for

  • conducting interdisciplinary advanced research,
  • promoting closely linked industrial collaboration, and
  • providing quality education programs for both the academia and industry

so as to benefit the university, the nation, as well as the scientific community. OSC is dedicated to advancing optical and wireless communications, solid-state lighting, solar energy, display technology, optical data storage, and biophotonic systems.

Solid-State Lighting Research Center (SSLRC)

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