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Prof. Ching-Cherng Sun


Key Areas

LED optical modeling,

Solid-state lighting design,

Lighting measurement,

Lighting technology for display

Research Descriptions

Recent Projects

Position Project Project Duration Funding Agent Grant (NT$)
PI Reliability of Advanced Light Sources (1/1) 2014-10-27 ~ 2014-10-29 Ministry of Science and Technology 291,000
PI Study of Indoor Energy-Saving Lighting and Human-Factor Technology Based on LEDs(3/3) 2013-01-01 ~ 2013-12-31 Ministry of Science and Technology 7,935,000
PI Study of Photonic Information Process Based on Volume Holography with Low Temperature Sensitivity 2012-08-01 ~ 2015-07-31 Ministry of Science and Technology 4,942,000
PI Development of Screen Image Synthesis Optical Distribution Meter 2012-06-01 ~ 2013-05-31 Ministry of Science and Technology 735,000
PI Study of Indoor Energy-Saving Lighting and Human-Factor Technology Based on LEDs(2/3) 2012-01-01 ~ 2012-12-31 Ministry of Science and Technology 8,599,000


Publications and Patents
Journal Papers
1 T. H. Yang, H. Y. Huang, C. C. Sun, B. Glorieux, X. H. Lee, Y. W. Yu, and T. Y. Chung, “Non-contact and instant detection of phosphor temperature in phosphor-converted white LEDs,” Scientific Reports 8, 296 (2018).
2 T. H. Yang, S. M. Wu, C. C. Sun, B. Glorieux, T. Y. Chung, C. Y. Chen, Y. Y. Chnag, X. H. Lee, Y. W. Yu, and K. Y. Lai, “Stabilization of correlated color temperature with self-compensation in phosphor conversion efficiency for white LEDs,” Optics Express 25, 29287-29295 (2017).
3 Y. W. Yu, C. S Yang, T. H. Yang, S. H. Lin, and C. C. Sun,” Analysis of a lens-array modulated coaxial holographic data storage system with considering recording dynamics of material,” Optics Express 25, 22947-22958 (2017).
4 C. C. Sun, Y. Y. Chang, C. Y. Lu, H. Y. Lin, Z. Y. Ting, T. H. Yang*, T. Y. Chung, and Y. W. Yu, “Spatial-coded phosphor coating for high-efficiency white LEDs,” IEEE Photonics Journal 9, 1-9 (2017).
5 C. C. Sun, X. H. Lee, I. Moreno, C. H. Lee, Y. W. Yu, T. H. Yang, and T. Y. Chung, “Design of LED street lighting adapted for free-form roads,” IEEE Photonics Journal 9, 1-13 (2017).
Book(s)/Book Chapter(s)
作 者 : 孫慶成
出 版 : 全華 , ISBN 978-957-21-8512-4, (2012)
Holograms - Recording Materials and Applications
作 者 : Y. W. Yeh、孫慶成
出 版 : InTech , ISBN 978-853-307-981-3, (2011)
Holograms - Recording Materials and Applications
作 者 : 孫慶成
出 版 : 全華科技, ISBN 957-21-2052-2, 1997

Courses Offered

People Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Ye-Wei Yu

Dr. Yi-Chien Lo

Dr. Xuan-Hao Lee

Present Students
Ph.D. students:
MS students:
Undergraduate students:

Former Students
Wei-Chia Su, Fan-Ching Chien, Tun-Chien Teng, Shin-Hsin Ma, Tsung-Xian Lee, Yeh-Wei Yu, Wei-Ting Chien, Yi-Chien Lo, Ting-Wei Huang, Xuan-Hao Lee, Ching-Yi Chen,  Cheng-Chien Chen,

Chun-Wen Lee,

Bor Wang, Yi-ming Chen, Shih-Po Yeh,  Ke-shuem Chen, You-nian Lin,

Wei-Chia Su, Yao-Lung Wang, Chin-Ku Liu, Hong-Jay Huang,

Chiao-Hao Wu, Chun-Yu Lu, Chao-Ying Lin, Chih-Xiang Zeng,

Chung-Rui Lee, Tsung-Xian Lee,

Jui-Hsin Wang, Bo-Cheng Huang, Yu Chuan-Wen, Kun-Tsai Huang,

Wei-Jie Peng, Ye-Wei Yu, Ya-Lun Lee, Cheng-Hsien Chen, Chien-Chang Chen, Zhi-Xin Huang, Po-Chi Ou, Wen-Chieh Chung,

Chi-Yu Wu, Shih-Hsun Chung, Meng-Fen Tsai, Wei-Ting Chien, Jui-Hung Sun, Kuo-Feng Kao, Yi-Jian Lo,

Li-Wen Lee, Tun-Chien Teng, Ming-Te Teng, Ching-Chun Li, Shu-Ching Hsieh, Chun-Lang Chen, Che-Chu Lin,

Wen-Yuan Liu, Yu-Bing Lan, Chang-Yu Tsai, Chih-To Hsieh, Che-Chih Hsu, Ming-yuan Han, Hsin-Ying Ho, Chih-Ming Hu, Chih Chin Hsieh,  Chih-Yuan Cheng, Bo-Rong Wu, Chih-Wei Chien, Chia-Shen Cheng, Ching-Yi Chen, Chien-Cheng Chen,

Hsiang-Jen Kung, Kai-Yu Yang, Shang-Yu Tsai, Chong-Jhih Jiang, Yi-Jiun Chen,

Jun-Feng Lin, Ching-Hsien chen, Chun-Sheng Hsu, Jung-Hsuan Chang, Jhih-You Cai,  Shuang Hao Yang, Chun-Guo Lee, Tai-Ku Lai,

Lung-Ta Liu, Yow-Shiuan Jeng, Bo-Chun Chiu, Dun-Ru Li, Shih-Tien Feng, Yen-Lin Chen, Wei-Wei Liu,

Chih-Yu Chiou, Yi-Hao Huang, Jhong-Kai Cai, Yi-Ning Peng, Yu-Huan Wang, Yung-Jen Cheng,  Zheng-Yu Cai,

Kuan-Hung Lee, Wei-Hsin Chen, He-Xiang Chen, Rodolfo Garcia Camacho, Yi-Chang Qiu, Chien-Chun Wu,

Research Opportunities

Lab Activities

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