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Prof. Cheng-Chung Lee


Key Areas

Magnetron Sputtering ,Ion Assisted Deposition and Thin Film Characterization

Research Descriptions

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Publications and Patents
Journal Papers
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Courses Offered

People Postdoctoral Fellows

Present Students
Ph.D. students:

1. 2006, Sheng-Hui Chen, Ph.D., Research of Dependence of the Uniformity on the Design and Fabrication of Sub-Nanometer Narrow Bandpass Filters

2. 2006, Jean-Yee Wu, Ph.D., Property Research of the SiO2 Thin Films Deposited by Different Processes from Si and SiO2 as Starting Materials

3. 2007, Chien-Jen Tang, Ph.D., Analysis of Ta2O5-TiO2 and Ta2O5-SiO2 Composite Films Prepared by Ion-Beam Sputtering Deposition

4. 2007, Chien-Cheng Kuo, Ph.D., Research of the Stresses and Thermal Stabilities in the Dense-Wavelength-Division-Multiplexing (DWDM) Filters

5. 2008, Jia-cherng Hsu, Ph.D., Eliminating Spherical Aberration by Gradient-Indexed Lenses

6. 2009, Te-Hung Chang, Ph.D., Design, Fabrication and Application of Autocloned Thin Films

7. 2009, Ya-Yun Cheng, Ph.D., Parallel Molecular Dynamics Simulations of an Argon Cluster Impact the Metal Thin Films and Multilayered Thin Films

8. 2009, Chu-En Lin, Ph.D., Application of Balanced Detection Two-Frequency Heterodyne Paired Polarized Polarimeter

9. 2009, Chih-Jen Yu, Ph.D., Common-Path Heterodyne Interferometric Ellipsometer

10. 2010, Kai Wu, Ph.D., Research on Optical Monitor through Optical Admittance Analysis and Dynamic Interferometry

11. 2010, Shih-Liang Ku, Ph.D., The Research of Infrared Optical Thin Film

12. 2010, Chyuan-Jong Chiang, Ph.D., The Influence of the Precision of Phase Coding on the Depth of Field of an Image System

13. 2010, Bo-Huei Liao, Ph.D., Investigation of Plasma Etching Mechanism in DUV and TCO Coatings

14. 2011, Kun-Hsien Lee, Ph.D., The optical properties and interface stresses of the sputtered dielectric thin films

15. 2012, Hsuan-Wen Wang, Ph.D., Research of high efficiency silicon heterojunction solar cell fabricated by sputtering: Impact of silicon thin film properties on device performance

16. 2012, Meng-Chi Li, Ph.D. Application of white-light scanning interferometer on optical thin film constant measurement.

17. 2013, Yuh-Hui Lai, PH.D., The High Photoelectric Conversion Capability of Micro-structured Optical Sensor with Low Bias Voltage

18. 2014 Hung-Ju Lin, Ph.D., Study and application of hybrid organic/ inorganic semiconductor quantum dots in thin film

19. 2014 Yu-Jen Chen, Ph.D., Fundamental properties of quantum dots and the applications in optics

20. 2014 Mei-Ling Lo, Ph.D., Research on the structural color, optical properties of Papilio blumei butterfly and biomimic technology

21. 2014 Yao-Fang Hsieh, Ph.D., Research and Design of Finite Conjugate Embedded Relay Lens

MS students:

2006, Ming-Lun Hsieh, MS., Fabrication of Thin-Film Type Anodic Aluminum Oxide Films by Multi-Step Anodization

84. 2006, Kuo-Long Huang, MS., The Research of Superlattice Structural Hard Coating

85. 2006, Kuan-Shiang Lee, MS., Stress Measuring Upon Flexible Substrates by Shadow Moire Method

86. 2006, Chun-Ling Chang, MS., The Research of Mixed Magnesium Fluoride - Aluminum Fluoride Film in Ultraviolet Region

87. 2006, Mei-Ling Lo, MS., Fabrication of Tunable Daylight Simulator

88. 2006, Wen-Hao Cho, MS., The Research of Obliquely Deposited Films at 193 nm

89. 2006, Chin-Han Lee, MS., The Research of Fluoride Mixed Thin Film in DUV at 193 nm

90. 2006, Yung-Chi Wu, MS., Characteristics of (Ta2O5)x(TiO2)1-x Mixed Films by Radio Frequency Ion-Beam-Sputtering Deposition

91. 2006, Kol-Liang Chen, MS., Preparation of Anti-Reflection Film with Transparent MFI Zeolite

92. 2006, Guang-Xiong Zhao, MS., The Analytical Design of a Cooke Triplet

93. 2006, You-Zhen Lin, MS., Analysis of the Image Quality Affected by the Aspherical Parameters in a Triplet Lenset

94. 2006, Chun-Huang Cheng, MS., The Research of Polycrystalline Silicon Prepared by Aluminum Induced Crystallization

96. 2007, Cheng-Ting Lian, MS., The Research of Pulse Ion Beam-Assisted Deposition of Magnesium Fluoride Thin Film

97. 2007, Chih-Jung Chiang, MS., The Research of Serial Bideposition of Anisotropic Thin Film at DUV

98. 2007, Meng-Chi Li, MS., Wavefront Aberrations Reconstruction by Hartmann-Shack Sensor

99. 2007, Bo-Yu Huang, MS., Periodic AAO Films Fabrication Pre-Patterned by Nanoimprint Technology

100. 2007, Jia-Wei Han, MS., Fabrication of Hydrogenated Microcrystalline Silicon Thin Films Using RF Magnetron Sputtering

101. 2007, Shih-Fang Liao, MS., Uniform Color Space for Human Vision

102. 2007, Wei-Ning Su, MS., Fabrication of Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon Thin Films Using RF Magnetron Sputtering

103. 2007, Ming-Sheng Chang, MS., Novel Monitoring Method with Error Compensation

104. 2007, Chien-Hao Huang, MS., The Research of Nitrogen Doped Titanium Dioxide Fabricated by Pulsed DC Magnetron Sputtering

105. 2007, Wen-Cheng Kuo, MS., A Research for Polarized Organic Light Emitting Diode

107. 2007, Chih-Hsiung Lin, MS., The Study of Antireflection Coating on Plastic Substrates by Reactive Sputtering

108. 2008, Yung-Fang Chou, MS., Design of Micro-Structure on the Light Guide Plate for Small Size Backlight Module

110. 2008, Hong-Ru Lin, MS., Photonic and Electric Properties of Hydrogenated Silicon Thin Films

111. 2008, Sheng-Hau Hsu, MS., Temperature and Stresses Effects on the Central Wavelength Shifting of Dense-Wavelength-Division-Multiplexing (DWDM) Filters

112. 2008, Sheng-Ju Ma ,MS., System for Measuring Optical Admittance of a Thin Film Stack

113. 2008, Yu-Wen Yeh, MS., Research on the Optical Properties of Structural Films Using Autocloning Technique

114. 2008, You-Chi Liu, MS., Research on the Photocatalytic of TiO2 Films Using Ion-Beam Assisted Deposition

115. 2008, Hsu-Hsuan Teng, MS., Fabrication of P type and N type Hydrogenated Nanocrystalline Silicon Thin Films Using RF Magnetron Sputtering

116. 2008, Hung-Chien Hsieh, MS., Research on the Absorption of Silicon Thin-Film Solar Cell with Nanosphere Structure

117. 2008, Shih-Chin Yang, MS., The Research of Magnesium Oxide Film as the Protective Films for the Electrode

118. 2008, Wei-Yuen Lu, MS., Optical and Mechanical Properties of TiO2 Thin Films Deposited on Glass and PET Substrates by DC Magnetron Sputtering

119. 2008, Yu-Sheng Lin, MS., Design and Analysis of Secondary Optical Element for Photovoltaic Concentration Receiver Module

120. 2008, Tsung-Tien Tsai, MS., Reliability and Stability in Electrical Properties of Ultra-Thin ITO for Touch Panel Application

121. 2009, Yi-Cheng Chang, MS., The Research of Pulse Ion Beam-Assisted Deposition of Lanthanum Fluoride

122. 2009, Szu-Wei Fu, MS., Research on the Characterization of Hydrogenated Silicon Thin Film Using Constant Photocurrent Method

125. 2009, Yuan-Chih Hu, MS., The Study of Over-Repair Method on Mask Missing Contact Hole Defect Repairing

126. 2009, Jung-Lieh Tsai, MS., Applications of Negative Refraction Index Materials for Antireflection andNarrowBandPassFilters

127. 2009, Kuang-Yao Chai, MS., Design and Fabrication of PhotonicCrystalPolarization Beam Splitter

128. 2009, Lin-Yi Chou, MS., Investigation on Transition Silicon Thin Films Using RF Reactive Sputtering Process

129. 2009, Ming-Tzu Chou, MS., Research on the Properties of Amorphous Si Thin Films Using RF Bias Sputtering

130. 2009, Jia-Hong Yen, MS., Phase Acquisition and Data Analysis for a Surface-Plasmon-Resonance System

131. 2009, Chiao-Hsuan Chen, MS., Design and Fabricate the Filters of Colorimeter by Using Principal Component Analysis Method

132. 2009, Chia-Chen Lee, MS., Interface Stress of Oxidized Films by DC Magnetron Sputtering Deposition

133. 2009, Ching-Yao Tang, MS., Research on the Properties of Organic Silicon Films Deposited byHeliconPlasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition Using HMDSO

134. 2009, Chao-Yuan Wu, MS., Measurement of Optical Thin Film Constants Using Dynamic Interferometer

137. 2009, Luei-Lon Chen, MS., Phase Shift Interferometry Image Ellisometer

138. 2010, I-Ta Wang, MS., Characteristics of Raman Spectra of Hydrogenated Amorphous Carbon Films

143. 2010, Chia-Liang Yeh, MS., Photoluminescence Imaging for Excess Carrier Lifetime and Series Resistance Measurement in Silicon Solar Cells

144. 2010, I-Ting Shih, MS., Research of the Nano-Sphere Lithography for the Surface Texture on the Silicon Solar Cells

145.2010,Hsin-Wei Huang,MS.,A Non-Vacuum Process for CuInGa(Se,S)2 Thin Film Solar Cells

146. 2010, Wei-Yuan Hsiao, MS., Antireflection Coating on Metallic Substrate for Solar Energy and Display Applications

147. 2010, Ssu-Hsiang Peng, MS., Research of High Refractive Index Transparent Conducting Nb-doped TiO2 (TNO) Films and Its Application on High Reflection mirror

148. 2010, Tzu-Chiao Wei, MS., The Research of Filter for Direction-Limited Light Source

149. 2010, Chen-Pin Jen, MS., Research of Fluorine Doped Tin Oxide Films Prepared byPulseDCMagnetron Sputtering with Tin Target

150. 2010, Chun-Hung Wang, MS., Fabrication and Error Analysis of the Autocloning Polarization Beam Splitters

151. 2010, Yi-Hong Liu, MS., Optical Constant and Thickness Measurements through Multi-Wavelength Interferometry

152. 2010, Chun-Che Hsu, MS., Research on the Applications of Negative Charge Material in MIS Solar Cells

153. 2010, Ting-Wei Chang, MS., Analyzing the defect density of silicon thin film from optical absorption

154. 2010, Yi-Ru Hsieh, MS., Dynamic Phase-Acquisition Technique and Low-Abundance Biomolecule Detection of a Surface-Plasmon-Resonance System

155. 2010, Chih-chao Chan, MS., Investigation of Optical Properties and Contrast Ratio of Reflective Electro-chromic Device

156. 2011, Ying-Chang, Chung, MS., Spatial distribution measurement of physical parameters for crystalline silicon solar cell using photoluminescence signal

157. 2011, Po-Cheng, Chen, MS., Reasearch on the bandgap engineering of micromorph silicon thin-film solar cells

158. 2011, Yi-Sheng, Hsiao, MS., Calculation of optical constants from reflected spectral amplitude with Genetic Algorithm by white light interferometer

159. 2011, Shu-Hui, Tsai, MS., Research of photocatalytic properties in Nb-doped TiO2 (TNO) transparent conducting films

160. 2011, Chin-Jang, Liu, MS., Research of the mechanism for transparent conductive oxide films with high sheet resistance applied in touch panel

161. 2011, Wei, Chen, MS., Surface structures of polycrystalline silicon solar cell fabricated by nano-sphere lithography

162. 2011, Min, Hsu, MS., The Study of Periodical Metallic Nanostructures for Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering

163. 2011, Feng-Cheng, Hsu, MS., Research on the Heterojunction Silicon Solar Cell using Radio-frequency Sputtering

164. 2011, Hung-Sheng, Chang, MS., The Calibration of Phase-Shifting Interferometer and the Program of Testing Software

165. 2011, Wei-Che, Sun, MS., Research of Thermal Stability on Hydrogen doped Al-doped Zinc Oxide Transparent Conductive Film

166. 2011, Tzu-Ling, Ni, MS., Optical admittace loci monitoring for thin film deposition through real time spectrum

167. 2011, Yu-Tang, Lu, MS., Residual stress of HR mirror with a discontinued sputtering process

170. 2012, Wen Hsin Li, MS., The colouration and structure of Papilio blumei butterfly

171. 2012, Chia-Yu Shen, MS., Thickness and Surface Profile Measurement of Thin Film by Using Spatial Carrier Phase Shifting Technique

172. 2012, Meng-Yen Ho, MS., Real Time Reflection Coefficient Loci Monitoring for The Thin Film Deposition

173. 2012, Chun-Pin Lin, MS., Effects of ion-soaking treatment with CdS buffer layer on CIGS thin film solar cell

174. 2012, Yu-Chia Huang, MS., Autocloned Omni-directional Reflector for Blue Light LED

175. 2012, Chun-Yu Lin, MS., Studies of Microcavity in electrically pumped organic laser

176. 2012, Sung Yung-Shun, MS., Research of applying conductive Distributed Bragg Reflectors to high-efficiency Light-Emitting Diodes

177. 2012, Cheng Chang Yu, MS., Influence of point contact electrode and back surface passivation on HJ cell efficiency

178. 2012, Chieh-Hsiang Hsu, MS., Anti-reflective Structures for Silicon Solar Cell Fabricated Using Anodic Aluminum Oxide Method

179. 2012, Chin-Lun Wei, MS., Investigation of SiO2:C thin films deposited by pulsed DC reactive magnetron sputtering coupled with HMDSO/O2 plasma polymerization, MS these, Department of Optics and Photonics, National Central University, Taiwan.

180. 2012, Cheng Wu, MS., Research on the Heterojunction with intrinsic thin film Solar Cell using Radio-frequency sputtering

183. 2013 Chen -Xiang Shih, MS, Research of Narrow Band Pass Filters Deposition by Real Time Reflection Coefficient Loci Monitoring

184. 2013 Shenq-MiaoHuang,MS, Studies of Multilayer Ambipolar Organic Field Effect Transistors

185. 2013 Po-TingChen,MS, Studies of ASE Phenomenon in Organic Waveguide Structure and Resonator Structure Simulation

186. 2014 Yun YangRong,MS, Narrowband pass filter with spacer including quantum dots

188. 2014 S. T. Chu, MS, Mimic hydrophobic surface of Papilo blumei by nanoimprint lithography

189.2014 G. SYu,MS, Optical thin film characterization via the measurement of reflection of coefficient

190. 2014 Chun Yuan Cheng, MS, Research of adjustable work function of indium tin oxide film to improve the carrier injection efficiency of organic devices

193.2014 Ching-Wei Cheng, MS, Research on polariton in strongly coupled organic semiconductor microcavities

194. 2014 Chun-Yang Yao, MS, The Coloration Analysis of Formosan Blue Magpie’s Feather

Microscopic Hyperspectral Imaging System (ERL-MHIS) on Oral Cancer in-vitro and in-vivo Application

196. 2014 Jin-long Cheng, MS, Stress analysis of films deposited by HMDSO/O2 plasma polymerization

197. 2015 Shin Fang Liao, Ph.D, Optical Model for Structural Color of Feathers of Taiwan Blue Magpie and Swinhoe’s Pheasant

198. 2015 Ya-Chen Chang, MS, Fabrication of superhydrophilic hybrid thin film and analysis of its surface charaters

199. 2015 Elias Chen, MS, Research of organic layer compositions of water vapor barrier film for flexible electronics

200. 2015 Rong-Yu Sun, MS, Optical system for precision optical coatings

201. 2015 Chen Lin, MS, Investigation of biological tissue through multiple wavelemgths microscope

202. 2015 Yung-Hsiang Hsieh, MS, Influence of organo-silicon film composition for barrier films

203. 2015 Ching-Lun Tseng, MS, Research of colored AlN solar absorbing films

204. 2015 Cheng-Han Chiang, MS, Improvement of optical monitoring process for narrow band-pass filter coatings

205. 2015 Yan-Zhang He, MS, Research of strongly coupled organic semiconductor microcavities

206. 2015 Yu-Xen Lin, MS, Optical constants of thin-film measurement by a vibration-insensitive interferometer

207. 2015 Wen-Hao Cho, PhD., Effect and Applications of High Temperature Heat Treatment on Optical Thin Films

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