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Solar Cells Last Revised: 2020-08-03

The depletion of crude oil along with the global warming effect, the green energy research has caught a lot of attentions in the world in recent year especially the solid power generation is one of the most important research topics. Solar power generation can be categorized into solar module/system and solar cell (photovoltaic). Solar cells can be categorized into silicon-based, composite, and organic solar cells by the utilized materials. By modifying the manufacture process, structure, material properties along with the theory, simulation and experiment, high efficiency, low cost solar cell can be achieved. 

Faculty Involved
Name Position Education Research Interests
Sun, Ching-Cherng Chair Professor

Ph.D. in Optics. Institute of Optical Sciences, National Central University, Taiwan, ROC

LED solid-state lighting, Nonimaging Design, Display Optics, Holography, Volume holographic Optical Element, Optical Testing, Optical Design for component or System level, Information Optics for Data Storage, Communication and Display, Optical Engineering, AR/MR Glass

Chen, Sheng-Hui Distinguished Professor (Director, Optical Sciences Center)

Ph.D. in optics. Institute of Optical Sciences, National Central University, Taiwan, ROC

Thin-film solar cells, Nano-Structured Thin Film, DWDM Filter, Thin-Film Design, Testing and Analysis of Optical Filters, Fabrication of Optical Filters, Diffraction and Interferometry

Chung, Te-Yuan Professor

Ph.D. Optics, CREOL /CollegeofOpticsand Photonics,University of CentralFlorida,Orlando,FLUSA

High Power Laser, Solid State Laser, Laser System Design, Thermal Management, Laser Physicsm, Optical simulation

Lai, Kun-Yu Professor (Associate Chair)

Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, North Carolina State University, USA

Growth and fabrication of III-nitride optoelectronic devices: LEDs, biosensors, etc.

Liang, Chao-Wen Associate Professor

Ph.D. College of Optical Sciences , University of Arizona, U.S.A

Optical Testing, Optical System Design, Diffractive Element Design, Opto-Mechanical Engineering

Chang, Jenq-Yang Distinguished Professor

Ph.D. Dept. of Material Sciences and Engineering, MIT.,U.S.A

Solar Cells, Silicon Photonics, Nano/micro Optics, Photorefractive Material, Crystal Growth, Optical Communication, Optical Storage, Bio-Photonics, Solid-State Lighting,  Nonlinear Optics

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