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Thin-Film Optics Last Revised: 2020-08-03

Optical thin film technology research includes theory and experiment in various fields and covers from film growing mechanism, development of thin film material, precision and real-time monitoring of the film thickness, uniform and large area film growth, design of thin film filter, development of thin film component, and the applications of thin film in opto-electronics. Optical thin films can be applied to optical communication, flat-panel display, lighting, solar energy, color science, optical storage, laser, bio-medicine, photography, cellular phone, eye-glasses, automobile, optical inspection and various optical engineering applications. Therefore, the optical thin film research requires the knowledge and cooperation with physics, material, mechanical, applied mathematics and opto-electronics inspection. Taiwan did not have thin film coating industry earlier in Taiwan; therefore, the design, manufacture and assembly of the coater facility and the thin film measurement equipment is essential key to develop thin film technology. Since optical thin film technology is an important keystone to improve high tech industries, DOP not only devotes in high quality optical thin film academic research but also helping the industry upgrade in Taiwan high tech industries.

Faculty Involved
Name Position Education Research Interests
Lee, Cheng-Chung Honorary Professor

Ph.D., OpticalSciencesCenter,University of Arizona,USA.

Optical Thin Films, Thin Film Coating Technology, Vacuum Technology, Optical Engineering, Interferometry, Thin Film related Colorimetry.

Chen, Sheng-Hui Distinguished Professor (Director, Optical Sciences Center)

Ph.D. in optics. Institute of Optical Sciences, National Central University, Taiwan, ROC

Thin-film solar cells, Nano-Structured Thin Film, DWDM Filter, Thin-Film Design, Testing and Analysis of Optical Filters, Fabrication of Optical Filters, Diffraction and Interferometry

Chang, Jui-Fen Associate Professor

PhD in Physics, University of Cambridge, UK

Organic thin-film transistor, Organic light-emitting device

Kuo, Chien-Cheng Associate Professor (Director, Thin Film Technology Center)

Ph.D. in optics. Institute of Optical Sciences, National Central University, Taiwan, ROC

Design, manufacture, measurement, and analysis of optical thin film, Thin film of photoelectric display, Optical thin film of optical communication, Transparent conductive film, Coating on soft substrate, Vacuum technology

Research Summary in DOP

Lee, Cheng-Chung

Optical monitoring by using admittance loci

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