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Holography and Optical Information Processing Last Revised: 2020-08-03

Holographic technology is one of the distinguished techniques in optical field. This technique can be utilized to control the spatial and chromatic distribution of the light field by interference and diffraction. Two main subjects in our department include techniques for commercializing holographic data storage and developing holographic display. With the aid of high-speed liquid crystal, it makes great help to develop the high-speed access of holographic data storage, and to enlarge temporal multiplexing of the holographic display technology as well.

Faculty Involved
Name Position Education Research Interests
Cheng, Ko-Ting Distinguished Professor

Ph.D. in Physics, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan

Physics and electro-optics of LCs, bistable/multistable LC devices, light scattering, alignment and photo-alignment of LCs, flexible electronics, LC display technology, LC simulations, color vision, color gamut, some functional materials (monomers / polymers / azobenzenes / micro-particles / nano-particles / ionic LCs), and LC devices (light shutters / lenses / gratings / apertures / polarization rotator / fast switching /antenna /smart windows)

Sun, Ching-Cherng Chair Professor

Ph.D. in Optics. Institute of Optical Sciences, National Central University, Taiwan, ROC

LED solid-state lighting, Nonimaging Design, Display Optics, Holography, Volume holographic Optical Element, Optical Testing, Optical Design for component or System level, Information Optics for Data Storage, Communication and Display, Optical Engineering, AR/MR Glass

Yu, Yeh-Wei Associate Professor
Ph.D. in Optics. Department of Optics and Photonics, National Central University, Taiwan, ROC
Holographic data storage, Holographic display, Volume holographic optical element, Optical phase conjugator, Digital optical technology
Cheng, Yih-Shyang Professor

Ph.D. Dept. Physics, University of Michigan(Ann Arbor)

Optical Information Processing, Holography, Interferometry and Interferometers, Physical Optics

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