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Solid-State Lighting and Human Factors Technology Last Revised: 2020-08-03

LED is highly energy efficient and has outstanding light source behaviors which make it has great potential for commercial applications. In 2002, by grouping up electro-optics, mechanical engineering, chemical-material, and electrical engineering researchers and experts to form an interdisciplinary research group on solid-state lighting with 15 group members now. The research topics include manufacture of substrate, MOCVD epitaxy, process, optical simulation, thermal management, metal bonding, phosphor synthesis, packaging, optical design, color science, eye model and glare. These research topics covers almost all research field of LED. Fruitful and important research results were developed and published in the past few year. Base on the strong fundamental research capability, more effort on studying human factor is developing in recent years and intends to make the research results applicable to the industry and practical applications. The research group is pronounced in the international solid-state lighting society and in the leading position. In recent year, “Taiwan green lighting industry research and service center” has been established to enhance the cooperation between the academic and industry societies. In the future, the integration of optics, electric, thermal and color science on energy-saving LED lighting will be the major focus on this research group. The sub-topics includes high efficiency LED packaging thermal conduction technology, high efficiency lighting technology, automobile LED lamp and high power projection lamp research, LED lighting on human factor and vision, bio-medical research and agriculture applications.

Faculty Involved
Name Position Education Research Interests
Yang, Tsung-Hsun Professor (Associate dean, College of Science)

Ph.D. National ChiaoTung University, Taiwan, ROC.

Solid-State Lighting, Bio-Chip, Optical MEMS, Color Sciences, Nonlinear Dynamics

Sun, Ching-Cherng Chair Professor

Ph.D. in Optics. Institute of Optical Sciences, National Central University, Taiwan, ROC

LED solid-state lighting, Nonimaging Design, Display Optics, Holography, Volume holographic Optical Element, Optical Testing, Optical Design for component or System level, Information Optics for Data Storage, Communication and Display, Optical Engineering, AR/MR Glass

Chang, Rong-Seng Project Research Fellow

Ph.D. Optical Sciences Center, University of Arizona, U.S.A.

Optical Design and Fabricating Electro-Optical System, Artificial Intelligence, Pattern Recognition, Fuzzy Theory and Neural Network, Optical Mannfacture, BIOEMS, Micro-optical System, Nanotechnology and Application Vision Optics, LED illuminstion research, LED lighting design

Chung, Te-Yuan Professor

Ph.D. Optics, CREOL /CollegeofOpticsand Photonics,University of CentralFlorida,Orlando,FLUSA

High Power Laser, Solid State Laser, Laser System Design, Thermal Management, Laser Physicsm, Optical simulation

Lai, Kun-Yu Professor (Associate Chair)

Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, North Carolina State University, USA

Growth and fabrication of III-nitride optoelectronic devices: LEDs, biosensors, etc.

Chen, Yi-Chun Associate Professor

Ph.D., College of Optical Sciences, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, USA

Nuclear Medicine Imaging Instrumentation, Biomedical Imaging Instrumemtation, Tomographic Image Analysis, Visual Performance and Comfort Evalution, Opto-Mechantronic System Integration, Precision Optical Metrology

Chen, Szu-Yu Professor

Ph.D. in Graduate Institute of Photonics and Optoelectronics, National Taiwan University, Taiwan, ROC

Nonlinear Optics, Optical Microscopy, Biomedical Optical Imaging, Biomedical Image Analysis.

Chyi, Jen-Inn Chair Professor

Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois

Semiconductor Materials and Devices, Optoelectronic Devices, High-Speed Devices

Chang, Jenq-Yang Distinguished Professor

Ph.D. Dept. of Material Sciences and Engineering, MIT.,U.S.A

Solar Cells, Silicon Photonics, Nano/micro Optics, Photorefractive Material, Crystal Growth, Optical Communication, Optical Storage, Bio-Photonics, Solid-State Lighting,  Nonlinear Optics

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