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ODF’20 First Call for Paper Announced Date Posted: 2019-08-01  Source:DOP

ODF'20 Call for paper

12th International Conference on Optics-photonics Design & Fabrication

“ODF'20, Taoyuan”
June 2
nd-4th, 2020

URL: http://www.odf20.tw

National Central University, Taoyuan, Taiwan

Organized by:
National Central University / Taiwan
Optics Design Group of the Optical Society of Japan / Japan
The 12th International Conference on Optics-photonics Design & Fabrication “ODF'20, Taoyuan” will be held on June 2nd-4th, 2020 at the Department of Optics and Photonics, National Central University in Taoyuan, Taiwan. Optics-photonics design and fabrication will continue to play a significantly important role in the 21st century achieving harmony between technology and the environment. ODF'20 is intended to provide an international forum for original paper presentations and discussions of optics-photonics design and fabrication related technological and scientific topics. These topics include theory, design, fabrication, testing, applications, and others.

ODF'20 is aimed to promote international collaboration among the participants in this field including related companies’ exhibition and sightseeing tour.

Collaboration and Competition make progress.

“Join us at ODF'20, Taoyuan!


ODF'20 is an international forum for the engineers and scientists in the field of Optics- photonics Design and Fabrication to exchange their ideas and achievements with the goal of future mutual progress. The conference covers the following major topical categories:

Category 1.  Optical Design / Simulation / Fabrication

Lens Design, Illumination Simulation, Non-imaging Optics Design, Lens Design Theory, Freeform Optics, Simulation Software, Fabrication and Testing

Category 2.  Optical Components / Devices

Laser, LED, OLED, Detector, DOE/HOE, Thin Film, Optical Waveguide, Optical Fiber, Integrated Optoelectronic Device, Active Optical Component, Optical MEMS, Photonic Crystal

Category 3.  Optical Systems

Camera, Microscopy, Display, Projector, Optical Data Storage, Optical Lithography, Illumination Optics, VR/AR, Automotive Optics, LiDAR, Biomedical Optics, Optofluidics, Optical Measurement, Optical Sensing

Category 4.  New Technologies

AI Optics, Computational Imaging and Sensing, Digital Holography, CGH, Nonlinear Optics, Ultrafast Optics, Metamaterial, Plasmonics, Near-Field Optics, Quantum Optics, Nano Structures, Optical Cloaking, Other Future Technologies in Optical Design and Fabrication

Special Session:  “Future Wearable Optics”

For more details, please download ODF20 First Call for Papers


Paper Submission Open: Aug. 01, 2019
Submission Due: Nov. 30, 2019
Decision Notification: Feb. 28, 2020
Registration open: Mar. 01, 2020
Conference: Jun. 2-4, 2020

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