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With the grand opening of Kwoh-Ting Optics and Photonics Building located next to Jhongda Lake in the northwest corner of the campus, the number of labs in DOP rapidly increases to more than 50. They are homes to faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students as well that translate brilliant ideas and hard work into publications in the world’s topnotch journals, conference proceedings, and patents. A list of DOP’s labs sorted by room number is provided below.

Room No. Laboratory Principal Investigator Key Areas Phone No.
IL-507 Ultrafast and Nonlinear Photonics Laboratory Wang, Pei-Hsun Silicon-based microresonators, frequency combs, ultrafast optics, pulse shaping, optical communication +886-3-4227151-65284
IL-508 Plasmonics Laboratory I Wang, Chih-Ming Nano/micro optics, plasmonics, applications of metamaterials. +886-3-4227151-65288
IL-510 Intelligent Biomedicine Laboratory Chien, Fan-Ching 25261
IL-519 Laboratory Animal Center Chen, Szu-Yu +886-3-4227151-25249
IL-520 Nonlinear Integrated Laser Devices Laboratory Chen, Yen-Hung

Nonlinear Optics, Integrated Waveguide Laser Devices, Integrated microchip Solid-State Lasers, Quasi-phase-matching Crystals (nonlinear photonic crystals), Ion Optics

IL-521 Laser Application Laboratory Chung, Te-Yuan

High Power Laser, Solid State Laser, Laser System Design, Thermal Management

IL-old-021 Nano/Micro Optical Laboratory (III) Chang, Jenq-Yang Solar Cells, Silicon Photonics, Nano/micro Optics, Photorefractive Material, Crystal Growth, Optical Communication, Optical Storage, Bio-Photonics, Solid-State Lighting,  Nonlinear Optics
IL-old-212 Paleontology Nanophotonics Laboratory Chang, Rong-Seng
IL-old-405 Theory and Sinmulation of Optical Thin Film Laboratory Lee, Cheng-Chung

Thin Film Characterization and Optical Filter Design

IL-old-414 Design and Analysis of Optical Thin Film Laboratory Lee, Cheng-Chung

Thermal Evaporation, Ion Beam Sputtering and Ion Beam Assisted Deposition

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