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With the grand opening of Kwoh-Ting Optics and Photonics Building located next to Jhongda Lake in the northwest corner of the campus, the number of labs in DOP rapidly increases to more than 50. They are homes to faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students as well that translate brilliant ideas and hard work into publications in the world’s topnotch journals, conference proceedings, and patents. A list of DOP’s labs sorted by room number is provided below.

Room No. Laboratory Principal Investigator Key Areas Phone No.
IL-018 Dynamic Holography Laboratory Sun, Ching-Cherng

Volume holographic storage,

Volume holographic optical element,

Optical information processing,

Photorefractive effect, Optical testing

IL-021 Quantum optics Lab Tsai, Pin-Ju Quantum optics; Quantum communication; Quantum sensing +886-3-4227151-25215
IL-022 Biomedical Imaging Laboratory Chen, Yi-Chun +886-3-4227151-25216
IL-022-1 Radiological Imaging Laboratory Chen, Yi-Chun +886-3-4227151-25217
IL-204 Laboratory for Color Science and Technology Yang, Tsung-Hsun +886-3-4227151-65290
IL-205 Opto-MEMS Laboratory Yang, Tsung-Hsun

Optical MEMS, Biophotonics, Biochip

IL-206 Biophotonics Laboratory(I) Chien, Fan-Ching

1. Optical bioimaging informatics

2. Nanobiomaterials

3. Single molecule biophysics

IL-208 Optical Design Laboratory (I) Sun, Wen-Shing

Optical Engineering and Design

IL-209 Optical Design Laboratory (II) Sun, Wen-Shing

Optical Engineering and Design

IL-210 Optoelectronic Material and Device Laboratory (Ⅱ) Lai, Kun-Yu

III-nitride optoelectronic devices: LEDs, biosensors, etc.

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